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Algarve Car Hire

Low cost car rental at Faro Airport

We're a small family run business with specialist Algarve knowledge,  and renting hire cars from Faro Airport is something we know about. 
  • We know you want value for money but not poor cars.  We know you want to pay exactly what you are quoted.
  • We know you want to be able to talk to a real person if you have any questions. We know you want friendly staff at the airport.
  • We know that many of you don't have a credit card - and that's where we come to the rescue.
So if that's what you want then read this page carefully to find out exactly what we offer and and then complete your online form in full. 
It's as simple as that!


No Credit Card?

No Credit Card
Don't Have a Credit Card?  Due to popular demand we now offer a 'no credit card for payment' service for our European customers. REALLY, NO CREDIT CARD FOR YOUR CAR RENTAL FROM FARO AIRPORT. 
Terms apply - please read below before booking.


Please note that the 'no credit card 'offer applies only to those living in Europe with a European passport and driving licence who are travelling on a booked return journey to and from Faro Airport and who hold a valid debit card in the same name as the driving licence and passport.

Drivers who do not elect to include the additional zero excess insurance must provide a credit card at the airport and the excess amount will be BLOCKED on the card Drivers under the age of 26 who have not held a full licence for more than 5 years cannot rent a Grp K or Grp I (9 & 7 seat vehicles) without a credit card.

You will however need a debit card for your security authorisation, provided at the time of completing your online booking form.

  • Payment is in full in cash in euros on arrival at the airport.

  • You must have a valid debit card in the name of the person booking and registered to the same address.

  • You must include the CDW when you book.

  • For those with no credit card we will also require your holiday property address.

  • You must provide a valid mobile phone number on your booking form - this will be needed to confirm the booking.

  • Your debit card details should be added to your booking form in the relevant section.

  • When your booking is confirmed (usually within 48 hours) you will be sent an email with your arrival details and booking reference number.

  • If you do not comply with all of the above it will be assumed you have a credit card and will use this for your damages security deposit on arrival.

  • No funds will be debited from your card in advance of your trip and no funds will be debited in the event of any damages not covered by your insurance without prior discussion and notice. If there are any claims not covered by the CDW - see the 'CDW Explained' section for details - or you have not left the car with fuel - you will be given the opportunity to pay this in euros in cash at the airport before you leave.

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What Our Customers Say

What Our Customers Say

They keep Coming Back!  We do the work, you turn up, you collect your car. Simple and straightforward with no fuss. So it's no surprise that our customers keep coming back.
But don't take our word for it - take theirs.

Sean O'Kelly from Ireland:  I visit the Algarve regularly and wouldn't dream of using anyone but Algarve-Rentals to handle my car hire at Faro Airport. I simply fill out the form with my flights details, wait for the personalised email and then it's simply five minutes to pick up my car. There are also lovely new cars available regularly.

Mike from Birmingham: I have a property in the Algarve and visits can be very last minute.  I've contacted Anne the day before and it is never a problem for her to sort it out.

Bob McDougall from London: I get a car twice a year and don't even have to fill in the booking form. I send Anne an email with my flight details and it is all done for me. We've built up a great customer/client friendship over the years on email!

Stephanie Redmond from Clonee in Ireland:  Since we found Algarve-Rentals for our car hire from Faro Airport I'd have no reason to look anywhere else.  Apart from the competitive prices and straightforward process at the airport it's great to know that there is a 'real' person at the end of the phone or email!

Noel O'Connor from Ireland: Hello Anne, Thank you so much for the ease with which it is to hire a car from Algarve-Rentals.Com. Everything was as you promised and it was a pleasure to do business with such a professional company. I will highly recommend you and your company to colleagues and friends.kind regards, Noel O'Connor

Susan Craigs: 
Hi Anne. Thank you for organising our hire car for us in March, everything was excellent.

Matt Barker from Crawley: 
Hi Anne. We have just come back from Portugal and I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the great service you provided both here and in Portugal. The car pick up and drop off was easy, the car was great and the guys in portugal were fantastic. We are hoping to go again next year so will definately be using you again Kind regards. Matt Barker

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Insurance & CDW & Terms

Insurance & ADW Explained

Zero Excess - Avoid A Killer Bill!  Read below to find out what CDW really means and how it can affect your car hire in the Algarve. You could face a bill of up to 2,000 euros if you don't add it. Make sure you also read below for all terms.


First of all, CDW stands for 'Collision Damage Waiver'. So if you were involved in an accident you would be liable for part of the cost of the repair, the amount depending on the type of car. With our cars this ranges from 900-2000 euros. Now that's not a bill you'd like to be landed with on holiday.  You can then 'waive' - get rid of - part of that extra charge by paying a little more for the CDW.  To take the excess to ZERO you pay for what is usually called a 'super-insurance'.  We ONLY offfer the 'super-insurance'.
Check out 'bargain' rates offered on comparison car hire sites - you'll find in most cases extra insurance to 'waive' the excess will still leave you with a liability of around 900 euros if you were involved in an accident or car was stolen etc. To take your excess to zero these companies add on another charge at the end of your booking process - after you have been lured in by the 'bargain' rates.  These seem to vary from an extra 70-115 euros per week.

When we say NO EXCESS* with our displayed CDW insurance we mean it. If the car is in an accident or is stolen you are completely covered.

HOWEVER, all car hire rentals worldwide have exclusions with your things that are you fault or normal driving mishaps - like a flat tyre.
Coded keys,  negligence, undercarriage (if you think your car won't make it along that bumpy unmade track then don't chance it!!), tyres, windscreens etc.  Zero excess is not a 'licence to kill' and you will find yourself being charged if you blatantly abuse the car!!  Please read the terms and conditions below. You are completely covered in the event of accident or breakdown.

The excess - should you opt not to add the CDW - is:
Groups H & L: 900 euros
Groups D, M, F & J - 1,500 euros
Groups I & K: 2,000 euros

So here's what you CAN'T do:

Going into Spain
You can't take the car more than 100km outside of Portugal - that's approx the distance to Seville.  If you do plan to take the car into Spain then please talk to the rep at the airport to be clear on what you are covered for in the event of an accident or break-down as it will NOT necessarily be totally covered to the same extent it is in Portugal.

Fuel is not included!
The fuel that you use is obviously not included in our our published car hire rates! On arrival you will collect the car with an agreed amount of fuel by both parties. At the end of the car hire, return the car hire vehicle with the same amount of fuel or you will be charged the difference. There's a petrol station at Faro Airport.

Buying out the Insurance Excess:

Clients have the option of taking out an extra insurance to avoid the excess : €30 per week for groups H and L, €40 per week for groups D,M and J, €50 per week for groups I and K. (Those using debit card authorisation have to include this.)  On our site the insurance is included by default in the quote section - if you want to take the risk of getting a bill for up to 2,000 euros then uncheck the box for CDW. This will mean a valid credit card has to be produced at the airport and th amount of the excess will be BLOCKED from your card.

Remember that purchasing the super insurance excess buy-out is not a "licence to kill" and you will still be responsible for items like tyres, wheels, wing mirrors, glass, lost coded keys, damage to the underside of the car hire vehicle, parking /traffic fines etc.

Lost car hire vehicle keys:

Vehicle keys are chip-coded and are costly and timely items to replace. If you lose the car hire vehicle's key, you will be obliged to pay for its replacement (approximately EUR 150.00) plus any associated transport costs in connecting you with a new vehicle key. More importantly, your holiday car hire in Portugal may be seriously affected while you wait for a new key to be prepared for your car hire vehicle. Please take good care of the car hire vehicle key while you're on holiday.

Using the wrong fuel type for your car hire vehicle:

Putting petrol into a diesel car (or vice versa) requires the engine to be stripped down and cleaned. If you put the wrong fuel into the car, expect a hefty garage bill and several days with your car "off-the-road" while the car is repaired.  If you are not sure DOUBLE CHECK every time before you put it in!

Blow-outs are at your own risk:

If you have a puncture during the rental the car hire company will hold you responsible for the repair/replacement cost. All our cars are delivered with a roadworthy set of tyres which are inspected prior to each delivery. Please check them yourself before you drive away. Typically, bad parking or driving off-road are the most common causes of punctures during a rental period.

Off-road or negligent use:

Cars are rented for use on the public highways of Portugal only. They cannot be used off-road. Although a very rare occurence, we'd like you to be aware that damage to the underside of the car hire vehicle when it happens is most often caused by negligent or off-road driving and is your responsibility. Any accident caused by the driver under the influence of alcohol/drugs, or when no other vehicle is involved is considered negligent use.

Traffic fines:
Traffic fines, speeding tickets incurred at the wheel of your car are at your own risk.

Vehicle glass & locks:
It is a sad reality that in most holiday resorts in Portugal, auto-theft is a day-to-day ocurrance. If you park up the car hire vehicle with personal items inside and, as a consequence, the glass or locks are damaged in an attempt to steal your personal effects, you will be responsible for the associated repair costs to the car hire vehicle. We strongly recommend that you park the vehicle in supervised car parks/garages and never leave any personal item inside the car hire vehicle.

Damage to the vehicle's underside:
Damage to the vehicle's underside is the responsibility of the renter. Although a very rare ocurrance, damage caused by driving off-road, impacts from rocks or other items to the underside can cause considerable damage to the vehicle. If this situation arises, you will be responsible for the repair costs.

All of these are standard insurance 'no nos' - it's just that we let you know about them up front - with us there's nothing hidden and no surprises.

Failure to collect your car:
It doesn't often happen but if you do decide not to travel and simply don't turn up you will be liable for full payment, which will be debited from your card. By providing your debit card details you are agreeing to this condition.  

Cancellation for other reasons:
We understand that cancellations are sometimes unavoidable and for clients who have booked in advance we generally never charge a cancellation fee as we understand the circumstances probably suit them less than us! However an increase in the number of people booking cars very late (within days of travel) and then cancelling just before travel has forced us have to rethink this policy. From now on if a booking is made within one week of travel and is then cancelled more than 24 hours before travel because the client has 'changed their mind' we will debit your card for GBP25/Euros 25 per week or part week of hire. If the cancellation is made within 24 hours of travel when the booking has been made less than 7 days before travel the charge will be GBP50/Euros50 per week or part week of the hire.

We'll still aim to charge nothing for cancellation within 48 please let us know.

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Algarve Car Hire Range

Car Type Air Con Power Steering Low Season Mid Season High Season
Group D : 5 Door LARGE HATCHBACK) 5 Door LARGE HATCHBACK) Renault Captur
Peugeot 2008

(Note: for a guaranteed standard size estate car select Group J or Group M).
Group H : 5 Door Family Hatchback 5 Door Family Hatchback Renault Clio
Peugeot 208
Nissan Micra
or similar
Group L : Automatic Automatic Renault Clio
Citroën C3
Group J : Estate Estate Renault Megane SW €210.00
Group M : Automatic Estate Car Automatic Estate Car Renault Megane SW
or similar
Group F : FAMILY SUV FAMILY SUV Nissan Qashqai
Renault Kadjar
or similar
Group I : 7 Seater 7 Seater Seat Alhambra
VW Sharan
or similar
Group K : 9 Seat Minibus 9 Seat Minibus Renault Traffic
or similar
Low Season: Nov 1 - March 31  Mid Season: April 1 - June 30, October 1 - 31  High Season: July 1 - Sept 30 PRICES IN EUROS. PAYMENT ON ARRIVAL AT FARO AIRPORT NO CHARGE FOR EXTRA DRIVERS

Algarve Car Hire Quick Quote

How many? Car Type CDW Required?
Pick-up Date Drop-off Date
You don't need to allocate baby/child seats or boosters to your cars at this stage - just tell us how many you need in TOTAL for all of your vehicles, and they will be at the airport for you to put in your car when you collect it.
How many Baby/Child seats at 25 euros per WEEK?
How many Booster seats at 15 euros per WEEK?
Portuguese law states that any child age of 11 and under and also under 1.5m in height must use an appropriate seat/booster. These are supplied at 15 euros per week per booster and 25 euros per week per seat and of course you can bring your own if you prefer.
Discount Code


If your dates are showing available for a particular Group there is a chance these dates could have gone by the time your booking is processed. ***If you are prepared to take any other available car Group (which could be more expensive) please make a note on your form, as this could make a difference between you securing a car and not.



Note: The AVAILABLE dates are changing by the minute and submission of a booking form is a request to book, not a guarantee of a rental.

Clients will be advised of a confirmed rental by email, normally within 24 hours

NOTE: THESE ARE THE CURRENT UNAVAILABLE DATES (as a guide - changing hourly)

If you complete a booking form and we are unable to provide a car your booking form and all details will be deleted from our system in line with data protection.



NB: Dates shown are inclusive. ie start and end dates mentioned are NOT available.

*these dates are a guide and change by the minute. We cannot guarantee cars any these dates until your booking form is processed, so please submit it as quickly as you can and we'll aim to let you know within 24 hours, but it can be up to 48 hours during this period of unprecedented demand.
Also state in the 'other info' box if you are happy to take any vehicle group other than the one selected, as this may be the difference between getting a car and not!
The advertised seasonal weekly rates do not include additional insurance (compulsory if you do not have a credit card). By ticking the box offering this the insurance will then show in your quote.

Please note that if you elect not to add the additional insurance to reduce your excess to zero you MUST provide a credit card on collection of your car and this will be BLOCKED for the amount of the excess insurance.
If you don't have a credit card and want to take advantage of our special offer to bok without one you MUST complete the Debit card section of the form or you will be asked for a CC at the airport and will not be able to rent your car without one.
There is a 10euro airport levy charge, which is charged per rental and not per day. This IS included in all quotes.

All items requested, such as booster seats, ARE included in your final quote.
The price you are given on your confirmation email is what you will be charged when you collect your car. There are no hidden extras.

This information is just a guide and does not form a contract. We reserve the right not to rent cars to any clients with or without a credit card whom we feel are not suitable.

For clients with and without a credit card:
Drivers for all car types must be a minimum of 23 years old and have held a full driving licence for at least 12 months.
For clients from outside Europe a credit card is needed at all times.

Client without a credit card - insurance:
Drivers who do not have a credit card MUST include the additional zero excess collision damage waiver insurance cover (CDW) - this is not negotiable.
If debit card details are not provided on your booking form you will need to provide a credit card at the airport, which will be blocked in the amount of the excess (900, 1400 or 2000 euros depending on car type) and failure to do this will mean you will not be able to hire a car.

For groups I & K clients without a credit card who are age 25 and under must have held a valid, clean driving licence for a minimum of 2 years.

There are no charges for additional drivers, who must be eligible to drive in Europe and hold a valid driving licence and meet the criteria above.

Our additional super insurance cover, which gives you a no-excess policy, is provided at the rates below and this is included in your quote by default. If you're not exactly sure what CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) means then just click the link to find out more.  CDW  Your quote also includes a 10 euros parking levy imposed on all car rentals by Faro Airport.
There are exclusions - as there are with ALL car rental companies - so please ensure you read our CDW  section.

Cost of additional insurance: (
the non-waivable excess is what you would be responsible for without the additional insurance cover )

  • 30 euros pw Groups H & L - the non-waivable excess in this group is 900 euros 
  • 40 euros pw Groups D, M & J - the non-waivable excess in this group is 1500 euros
  • 50 euros pw Groups K & I - the non-waivable excess in this group is 2000 euros