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Direct from the
property link:
When you make an enquiry by email from the property pages it takes you directly to an enquiry form. This will tell us the reference number of your preferred property - but of course if you have any other questions about any other property or in general about the Algarve you can include it in the same message.
By e-mail:

Clicking the 'enquire now' link on any property page will create an enquiry form that goes diectly to the owner or agent of that property by email, giving the reference of the property page from which you have emailed.

If you have a general question about the Algarve or our site then of course you can simply send an email direct with your questions, to: or our backup email

As email can be unreliable we always suggest a copy to more than one address to be on the safe side.

By telephone:

You can also CALL OR TEXT my mobile but remember I may be out and about and not able to handle your enquiry there and then. 
The number is (+44) 07730 380166

Social Media users can also contact us through our page or messaging service on FACEBOOK 


Private owners and other agents can advertise on our site and in these cases you will be dealing directly with then and not with us.
The listing on the website will clearly state if you are dealing with ( that's us!) or another agent or private owner.

Of course if you are dealing with a private owner or another agent then you'll find the contact details for that person on their property listing.

Here at we act as rental agents for a number of owners and Portuguese agents.  

So if you are unsure who you are dealing with just check the property page.
And remember also that if you send multiple emails about different properties they may be all be going to one agent or to many different owners/agents.

Urgent or 
Last Minute Enquiries:
We try to treat all of our clients' enquiries as urgent so any of the above will work!  We hope that private advertisers will do the same but please understand that this is outside our control. And remember please.... we all need time off and don't work 24 hours a day!

Send a Message

We know it's nice to talk to a real person but when enquiring about properties it is often better to email as the owner or agent will then have all of your requirements to hand and can get back to you with a complete answer to your query, including rates, availability etc. However most properties will also have the owner/agent's contact phone number so if it important for you to speak to someone then just lift the phone.

If you email most agents or owners will get back to you within 24 hours - usually much more quickly.
However, please remember that even owners and agents need to take time off, so please be patient and don't expect someone to necessarily be around to answer your queries at 9pm on a Friday night!

You will see from our site some of our listings are from other agents or private owners. The property listing will make this clear and if you are unsure about the credentials of that person just ask them!  If they don't answer within 48 hours or communicate efficiently then perhaps they aren't the person for you - that's a decision you have to make.  We suggest to all of our advertisers that they provide a phone number.
But as we take our site seriously please let us know if you have any difficulties with any advertiser as we can then have a look at that listing, perhaps advising the owner/agent how better to deal with clients.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you - however you prefer to contact us.

Anne Parish
Managing Owner
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Information which will help us answer your query more efficiently.

  • If you email please check you have entered the correct email address.  If there is just one dot out of place our responses won't reach you!
  • Give a return telephone number as well as your email address. This means you can be contacted even if you have given a wrong email address or the advertiser need to get back to you urgently.
  • Give the reference number of the property that interests you.
  • Check the dates that are already booked on the calendar..but bear in mind that it can be difficult to keep these up to date in busy periods and sometimes these aren't quite accurate.
  • Say when you want to travel - be as flexible with your dates as you can. Sometimes private owners have friends and family using their holiday rental property and have a little flexibility to move dates by a day or two - it is always worth asking.
  • How many are in your party? Give the ages of children. What facilities/amenities are you looking for? For example: What is the maximum distance from the airport you will accept for your accommodation? Do you want a beach resort or villa with pool - or can you be flexible?  The enquiry form has sections for all of these things - by not filling these out the advertiser doesn't know exactly what you want.  For example if you just put '8' for the number of guests and don't complete the section for 'how many adults and how many children' the advertiser may not know if they can accommodate you without asking some more questions. (eg is it a stag party, a group of 18 year olds or two families with older children they have marked as can clearly see why they might want to accept one of those groups and not the others!)

The more information you provide the more accurately and speedily the advertiser will be able to respond.