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£120.00 One off
annual price
1 Property Choose this if you have 1 apartment, villa or B&B to advertise 12 month listing
£100.00 One off
annual price
2-5 Properties Choose this if you have between 2 and 5 properties to advertise 12 month listing
£90.00 One off
annual price
6-9 Properties Choose this if you have between 6 and 9 properties to advertise 12 month listing
£80.00 One off
annual price
10 or more properties AGENTS - Choose this if you have 10 or more properties to list 12 month listing

How Does It Work?

If you are a Property Agent or a private owner with more than one rental apartment, villa or B&B then we are offering a substantial discount if you list multiple properties. 
  • For an owner or agent with just one property to list the price for one year is £120.
  • For 2 - 5 the price will be £100 per property
  • For 6-9 it will be £90 per property
  • And for 10 or more it will drop to only £80 per property.

Remember - these prices are for a one year listing and ALL enquiries will go straight to you with no commission.

Once you register you can select the 'band' you want to list under: eg, 1, 2-5, 6-9 or 10 and over.
So say you want to list three properties; Just select the 2-5 option and you will be given online 'credits' which will allow you to add your two properties at £85 each.  If you then decide that you want to add more properties you simply log back into your secure advertiser's area and the system will recognise you still have 7 credits left.  Check out the FAQ section if you need more clarification.

If you have any questions at all please contact Anne on (+44) 07730 380166 or email .

Why advertise your property on

  • We are the highest ranked single 'Algarve only' holiday rental website - we come consistently high and are easily found in the major search engines.
  • A 12 Month listing is normally less than the cost of a 1 night stay in your property in the busy summer season.
  • Manage your own advert when you want - log in and out of your own secure page and add new photographs, change your rates etc. - YOU are in charge of your property.
  • Enquiries will come straight to you - no commission - you will deal exclusively with the client.
  • Promote your property to thousands of people every week who are specifically looking at The Algarve.
  • No extra charges for adding photographs or videos like some other sites.
  • Our team have an expert knowledge of The Algarve if you want some help and advice.
  • We have close to 20 years of experience booking Algarve holiday apartments and villas.
Do you have any questions? If you can't find the answer below then call Anne on (+44) 07730 380166 or email

You'll also find us on our FACEBOOK page - ALGARVE-RENTALS.COM

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I've got three apartments - if I choose the 2-5 option do I have to pay for 5 listings?
    No, not at all. By choosing the 2-5 option the minimum up-front charge is for 2 properties. So you will pay only for your three property listings.
  • I want to add seven properties but I won't have all of the photographs and information for some of the villas for a few months. Can I add some now and some later and still take advantage of the reduced price?
    Yes that is not a problem. When you sign up for the 6-9 option you will have to pay for a minimum of six listings up front. This will give you six credits at £90 each and you can add the properties at any time. The 12 month listing for each property starts when the property is made live and as long as each is listed within the 12 month period the price will be the same.
  • I am an agent with about 30 properties I'd like to add over the next few months. How many will I have to pay for to start listing to take advantage of the £80 per property offer?
    Thanks for deciding to add your agency to Algarve-Rentals - we know you won't be disappointed. To take advantage of the special agent offer you will have to pay for a minimum of 10 property listings when you sign up. You will then have unlimited credits and can add others as and when they become ready to advertise at your offer price of £80 per property. To do this you'll just sign in to your personal advertiser account and claim your credits. Your credits are valid for one year and after that you will sign up again for another year and unlimited credits. Note than no property can be renewed at the end of one year with existing credits.
  • How long will it take me to add my property?
    It depends on how used you are to this kind of online form-filling and whether you have your photographs handy or not. We'd say to set aside about 45 -60 minutes to make a really good job of your listing...some people will sort it all out in about twenty! Remember if you just can't do this kind of creative work yourself ask us how we can help. We can do everything from just checking and if required slightly 'tidying up' your wording to doing all the work for you. Obviously a fee will be applicable depending on the extent of work needed.
  • I notice that some properties in the same location as mine have better bookings. I know I'm not very good with words so that is probably the reason...can you help?
    Of course we can! That's what we do long as you can send us the basic information in an email we will work with you to find the right words to best tell holidaymakers about your property. Of course it has to be the truth and if you need someone to visit that will cost a little more than just re-writing your own words..but talk to us and we can sort something out. A simple re-write into language that will 'sell' your property and work to enable it to be found, will cost £55. It is important that your text is written in a way that will work within the Search Engine parameters. EG: If your heading says 'Jimmy's Villa' then nobody will find it ... as nobody knows who Jimmy is or where his villa is! If your heading says: "4 bedroom holiday rental villa close to the beach in Lagos" then that's what's going to turn up when people search for their 4 bedroom holiday villa in Lagos! No matter how proud you are of your new holiday home, forget about its name and concentrate on putting in the words that your potential customers are using to find you!
  • I know that photographs are important but I'm not very good with a camera - can you help?
    Yes and you are right that, apart from location, good photographs are probably the most important thing you need to sell your property. We can't take photographs for you but would suggest that you contact one of the many professional photographers in the Algarve and have them do the work for you. This investment will cost less than a cheap winter week in any property - we think it's worth it. If you think this investment is too much and you already have photographs we may be able to help by making these look a bit better. You'd be amazed what a bit of horizon straightening can do for a photograph! Our cost to do this will be based on the work needed, so just tell me what you need done and I'll give you a price.
  • I'm not very technical - can someone help me add my listing?
    Not a problem. There will be a one-off extra charge of £65 to have someone deal directly with you and add your property details and photographs. This will be subject to you being able to send us this electronically and having the words and photographs ready for us to add.